Membership Requirements

The forty-seven (47) states of the United States that have established sister-state relationships,
plus the additional five (5) states that have educational agreements with Taiwan, are the
designated MEMBERS of the Alliance. All three other states and Washington, D.C. are eligible
for membership in the Alliance, and will be designated as ASSOCIATE members until they agree
to fulfill the requirements of member states.

Those organizations and individual citizens interested in supporting the Alliance and that request
formal affiliation with TUSA will be designated as ASSISTANT members. This includes alumni of
the TUSA Ambassador Scholarships Program and those U.S. cities that have established sister-
city relationships with cities in Taiwan. All associate and assistant members will receive
privileges as determined by the Board of Directors with respect to the activities and affairs of the
Alliance, but will not have eligibility for representation on its governing Board of Directors.

Current U.S. member states include all those except New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

There are no dues or other financial obligations for membership in the Alliance at this time.