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INSTRUCTIONS: This application form MUST be completed by the applicant. Each question should be answered clearly and completely so the TUSA Education Committee can make fair and equitable decisions. Supplemental information is not necessary, but you may submit additional pages if desired.

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ESSAY SUBMISSIONS: Please submit 250 words on each of the three questions below.

1. Outline your expectations and plans for this scholarship.
a) How does the TUSA Ambassador Scholarship program relate to your career or personal goals, and how will it enhance them?
b) What will you contribute to the program?

2. The TUSA Ambassador program is an intimate intercultural group experience. As a representative of the U.S., you will spend a lot of time with various individuals who have different interests, likes, tendencies, and opinions than yourself. Have you experienced a similar experience in the past?
a) If so, what is it and how did you deal with it?
b) If not, what is a challenge you foresee, and how do you plan to overcome it?

3. What is the most important thing that the TUSA Education Committee should know about you?

How did you hear about the TUSA Ambassador Summer Scholarship Program?

 I declare that:
a. I am not concurrently holding a Taiwan nationality;
b. I am not an exchange student resulting from an agreement signed between my home institution and any Taiwan university/college;
c. I have not previously received a HES (Huanyu Scholarship) or a Taiwan Scholarship from the Ministry of Education.
d. The information I have given on this application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.


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1. Complete the application on-line at All required documents MUST be at our office no later than February 15, 2014 for an early admission decision, and by March 31, 2014 for final consideration. Announcement of scholarship awardees will be made on February 25th for early admission applicants, and by April 10th for all others. For those who are unsuccessful in gaining an early decision, you will have another chance to be evaluated in the second application round.

2. Eligibility Requirement: Only citizens of the United States can apply. Note that a U.S. passport is essential for traveling abroad. You should apply for your passport at least 3 months before departure, if you don’t already have one.

3. Academic Requirements: Ideal applicants are American citizens who neither hold a Taiwan passport nor claim Taiwanese or Chinese heritage and who fall into the following category of eligibility: (a) You must be a full-time undergraduate or graduate student at an institution of higher education in the United States, and (b) must have a GPA at least 3.0 on a 4-point scale. You also must (c) be of good moral character, as judged by those who recommend you. All levels of Chinese (Mandarin) proficiency are acceptable; there is no requirement of prior language experience.

Your application will be considered complete when you have (a) submitted a completed TUSA application form, (b) sent a copy of your student I.D. to, and (c) had two letters of recommendation [preferably from your professors] emailed to

5. Where and When: The program will be based at one of Taiwan’s largest and most prestigious schools, the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU, ) and its Chinese Language Center, located in the historic city of Tainan. The study period will be from July 1 to August 22, 2014. Six credit units will be awarded by NCKU after successful completion of the program. Each U.S. student will be assigned a Taiwanese study partner to facilitate learning Chinese language and culture.

6. Stipend: NT $25,000 (U.S. $800) per month will be awarded to each scholarship recipient; this stipend is to cover tuition, dormitory fees, four off-campus excursions, and incidental insurance. Meals and dormitory electricity costs are not included, and you must provide airfare to/from Taiwan.

7. Questions may be submitted to, or, or you may find answers on our web page,