• About TUSA

  • Our Mission Statement:
    “Promote peace in the world by creating closer friendships and understanding between the people of the United States and the people of Taiwan.”

    TUSA is registered with the Secretary of State of Arkansas. It is a tax exempt non-profit, non-governmental organization, subject to the laws of both Arkansas and the United States of America. The principal office is located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

    General Assembly: The General Assembly of the Alliance consists of one representative from each member state, such person to be the Governor of that state or his/her designee (commonly the Secretary of State).

    The Governing Board of Directors:  In any given year, one-fifth of the members of the General Assembly will serve on the board of directors, joining the six constitutional officers of the organization.

    The Governing Board of Directors will hold annual meetings and such other meetings as are deemed necessary, and the Board Chair has responsibility for keeping the General Assembly informed of the Board’s actions.

    The officers of the Alliance include the President/CEO, Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Board Chair, and Board Vice Chair.  These six officers have three-year terms of office and serve as the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.

    The Alliance is financed entirely by voluntary contributions, although some of TUSA’s programs (ie, the Ambassador Summer Scholarships) may have Taiwanese governmental support.

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